© Olusegun Fayemi


Balancing Acts - Photographs from West Africa
A book of captivating and evocative black and white images of Africans on the West coast of the continent, it is divided into five sections:

  • Urban versus Rural living
  • The Blessings of Children
  • Life along the River Niger
  • Markets
  • Celebration

Fayemi presents images that perhaps only a West African indigene can capture and interpret. He freezes memorable moments as West Africans continue to attempt to balance the various complexities of their lives - rural vs urban, the religious vs the secular, childhood vs adulthood and celebration of both life and death.

In the text that introduces each of the five sections of the book, Fayemi speaks from the heart as well as from the head as he presents facts and figures about the peoples of and places in West Africa.

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Voices from Within - Photographs of African Children
An authoritative, insightful narrative with photographs of African children from Cote d’Ivoire, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Divided into five sections:

  • Being Nurtured
  • In Search of Knowledge
  • Fun and Games
  • At Home and At Work
  • Adolescence and Growing Up

Africa and the African are usually portrayed negatively in the Western press as an embodiment of poverty, starvation, deprivation, civil wars, bloodshed and corruption. Most of these images are a distortion and misinterpretation of the realities of Africa and its peoples.

Voices From Within with 145 magnificent and intimate duotone photographs from 12 countries in Africa, attempts to redress some of these incorrect notions. The book celebrates the everyday lives and activities of African children.

Voices From Within shows how the children are nurtured and reared; the games they play, their adolescence and growing up years, their education and their role within their families and immediate environment.

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Windows to the Soul - Photographs Celebrating African Women
…is a book of photographs that explores and documents the realities of the lives of women from Africa south of the Sahara. Divided into seven sections,

  • Motherhood
  • Home
  • Work
  • Markets
  • Celebration
  • Elderhood
  • Beauty and Elegance

The reader is treated to a profusion of 175 outstanding and magnificent images complemented by an anthology of creative, inspiring and thoughtful poems by 15 contributors that capture the essence, humanity and “wholeness and whole-someness” of African women.

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